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All Equipment Consulting

Based on expertise and experience in diverse fields gained from a long period of time, we help the client company come across new values and in the process of achieving high performance, we will become the best partner. We are the first company to apply NORSOK STANDARD system to GOLIAT FPSO PLANT equipment. Based on best technical skills concerning safety, an aspect most valued in 21st century, we have constructed safety system concerning offshore temporary equipment. KGS promises to become the best assistant to our client company as our experts from diverse fields cooperate to solve difficulties faced by our client company.

Temp Load Power Test Production

The original bank did not offer the two alternatives between the sequential and simultaneous input of loads. Also, it had drawbacks since it could not save the duration of time for each load after the input of the loads. However, through researches done by research center affiliated with the company, EX-BANK of KGS manufactured a produced named EX-BANK that amended the mentioned problems and weaknesses.

Switch Gear Production Supply

The original ACB, VCB or NGR had production specifications so that after one-time usage, they had to be remanufactured or remade by tearing apart the product’s apparatuses. However, KGS’s Switch Gear offers a wider variety of choices between the original fixed-type Switch Gear and the built-up With Gear, flexibly usable according to the changes in voltage or changes in allowable current.

HVAC Temp System

Our company localized HVAC SYSTEM (a system in which more than 90% share in the offshore market are preoccupied by foreign firms) and provides HVAC SYSTEM to environment sensitive to temperature and humidity of the air, such as high-pressure switchgear room or electricity-control room. KGS HVAC SYSTEM, through maintaining the cleanliness of air and constancy of temperature. is combined with PLC and air-conditioning to prevent equipment from being damaged due to fluctuations in temperature. KGS HVAC SYSTEM offers a feature that enables such monitoring.

Norsok Safety Spec Diesel Generator Supply

We are Korea’s first company to complete GOLIAT FPSO equipment installation and commissioning based on Norway’s safety regulation NORSOK STANDARD. We offer specifications wanted by users with our accumulated experience in safety and engineers with excellent technical skills. Precise administration through documents is not yet familiar to companies in Korea. However, KGS has obeyed precise regulations and received certificate from ENI, GOLIAT FPSO’s ship-owning company.

Cable Supply

KGS produce cable through OEM method. The manufactured cable then goes thorough low and high voltage termination. We calculate the appropriate cable length thorough 3D program simulation and choose the cable that satisfies the international standard. We offer overall service from joint examination with our client, cable & tray examination, maintenance, to removal.





Human resources with a sense of potential

A company with the belief that everyone has his own competence and potential

Spirit of coexistence

A mutual growing company that prioritizes “customer” “staff” “cooperative firm”

The pursuit of change and innovation

A company believing that settling for the present is regression and pursuing continual changes and innovations.

Clean competition

KGS has operated group without corruption. And we are in business to compete fair and square.



Company Introduction

KGS CO., LTD. is a global enterprise that offers satisfactory and customer-oriented solution and service on offshore plants. KGS CO., LTD. is comprised of independent corporate bodies that all strive to serve our clients through specialized service: KGS focuses on offshore plants’ power feeding equipment and the localization & development of TEST equipment; We promise to strengthen our services and become an even more customer-oriented company.